What Does “Pro-Life” Mean?

In the lead up to the South Carolina GOP primary, Ted Cruz has released a television ad attacking Donald Trump’s past history on abortion rights and Planned Parenthood by using his own words:

In this next video Senator Cruz goes on to offer a very eloquent defense of the “right to life” and in the process continue his attacks on Donald Trump for his past support for abortion rights and continued support for Planned Parenthood:

Marco Rubio has also championed the cause of the unborn; forcefully and effectively defending the “pro-life” position here:

Though it is certainly an extremely important issue since the lives of millions of unborn children are tragically and unjustly murdered every year, I have always wondered why the terms “right to life” and “pro life” are confined to the abortion issue, when lots of killing goes on outside the womb as well. For instance, take our foreign policy in the Middle East: since 9/11 our undeclared military involvements have resulted in approximately 1.3 million deaths according to a recent study (http://www.psr.org/assets/pdfs/body-count.pdf) and the death toll could actually be as high as 4 million (http://www.mintpressnews.com/do-the-math-global-war-on-terror-has-killed-4-million-muslims-or-more/208225/). Both Cruz and Rubio are advocating for escalation of U.S. force in the region with Cruz even vowing to “carpet bomb” ISIS. The vast majority of these deaths in the Middle East since 9/11 have come about as a result of wars that the U.S. initiated without a constitutional declaration of war (and are therefore unjustified) and neither Cruz or Rubio are requiring one for their proposals either. If a war is unjustified, that also makes the killing resulting from that war unjustified. Romans 13 makes clear that governments bear the sword, but it must always be used for just cause,  just as Christ wages war “in righteousness” (Revelation 19:11). One of the requirements for justly using the sword in our nation is found in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution: “the Congress shall have power…to declare war.” Though these two men are champions of defending life inside the womb, their stance should be more adequately described as “anti-abortion”, not pro-life, since they are for unjustified killing by abusing their position as President.

We as Christians need to remember the wise words of General Robert Lee (“it is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it”) and not allow ourselves to become desensitized to the death and destruction that result from these undeclared wars.

The following article tells of how a man’s anti-war foreign policy stance led him to change from pro-abortion rights to anti-abortion rights: http://rare.us/story/how-being-anti-war-made-me-pro-life/.

In his conclusion he reasons: “I became pro-life because I came to the conclusion that abortion ultimately meant distancing one’s self from the grim reality of the act performed. One has to pretend that it isn’t a life being taken to make the act less consequential. To reduce it to a mere “choice.” The human aspect is diminished. It’s the same way too many Americans view war, where the lives being taken in our name are so far away and so culturally different from us, that we get to a point where they’re not even considered fully human. They’re not even considered. They’re statistics. A blip on the news at best, if we ever even hear news about them at all. There’s nothing more precious than life. The greatest inhumanities are always caused when we are able to separate ourselves from our humanity.”

Brothers and sisters, we must continue to stand strong for life inside the womb by maintaining the humanity of the unborn. However, we must also be consistent and stop dehumanizing the Arabs that we are killing in these undeclared wars. Yes, war is at times a necessary evil, but let us follow Christ’s example and wage them justly. Demand Congress declare the wars and stop supporting politicians who claim to be pro-life, but really aren’t.

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In Christ – Samuel and Lydia