Looking for Godly Leadership (part 2)

In our last post we listed some of the qualities listed in Scripture of godly leaders. The table below compares each of the candidates on some of these****:



Candidate Citizen Accomplished Man Fears God* Capable, Experienced One-woman man
Bush Yes Businessman; FLA Sec. of Commerce, Governor Yes Roman Catholic Business and government executive experience Yes -Married 41 years
Carson Yes World- renowned surgeon; author; speaker Yes 7th Day Adventist Concerns about policy knowledge, no political experience, highly intelligent Yes – Married 40 years
Christie Yes U.S. District Attorney; NJ Governor Yes Roman Catholic Legal and government executive experience Yes – Married 29 years
Clinton Yes Lawyer; 1st Lady; NY Senator; U.S. Sec. of State No Methodist Legal and extensive top-level government experience NA (marital problems)
Cruz Yes** Lawyer; clerk; TX Solicitor General; TX Senator Yes Southern Baptist Extensive legal and political experience Yes – Married 14 years
Fiorina Yes CEO of HP No Non-Denom. Christian Extensive business executive experience NA (married twice)
Graham Yes Lawyer; AF Colonel; Congressman; Senator Yes Southern Baptist Legal, military, and political experience NA (never married)
Huckabee Yes Baptist Pastor; AR Lt. Gov. and Governor Yes Southern Baptist Government executive experience Yes – Married 41 years
Kasich Yes Congressman; OH Governor; Business Executive Yes Anglican Extensive government and business executive, legislative, and political experience No – Married twice
O’Malley Yes Baltimore Mayor; MD Governor Yes Roman Catholic Legal and extensive government executive experience Yes – Married 25 years
Pataki Yes Peekskill Mayor, NY state congressman, NY Governor Yes Roman Catholic Extensive legal, and legislative experience, UN delegate Yes – Married 42 years
Paul Yes Eye Doctor, KY Senator Yes Presbyterian Legislative experience Yes – Married 25 years
Rubio Yes FLA House Speaker, FLA Senator Yes Roman Catholic Legal and extensive legislative experience Yes – Married 17 years
Sanders Yes Burlington Mayor, VT Congressman and Senator Yes Jewish Extensive legislative and political experience No – Married twice
Santorum Yes Lawyer, PA Congressman, Senator Yes Roman Catholic Extensive legal, legislative, and political experience Yes – Married 25 years
Trump Yes Billionaire Businessman Yes No*** – Presbyterian Extensive business executive experience No – Married 3 times

* This table simply presents the candidate’s identified religion – showing that they at least publicly claim to believe in God and a form of divine revelation/moral law to which they are accountable. However, it is best to prayerfully examine each candidate to determine their actual theology and sincerity and commitment to those beliefs. My personal observations from studying the candidates’ lives and interviews are that Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee are probably the most genuine born-again believers in the race. However, another important factor to consider is how the candidate’s fear of God impacts how seriously they would take their oath of office. Their strict adherence to the Constitution regardless of the political circumstances speaks volumes about their fear of God rather than fear of man. Probably the greatest example of strict incorruptible commitment to keeping one’s oath of office to champion the Constitution is found in the public service of Ron Paul:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ1aXD3_cVw&list=LL4arH-dtjEx6OT5tonisEmg&index=74

** Ted Cruz was a Canadian citizen (where he was born) as recently as May of 2014 and has some questions surrounding his legitimacy for President.

*** Donald Trump has publicly stated that he isn’t sure if he has ever asked God for forgiveness and that he doesn’t bring God into the picture whenever he does anything wrong.  His excessively proud boasting also identifies himself more with the tyrants identified in the previous post rather than as a godly leader.  (http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/trump-does-not ask/2015/07/18/id/657832/)

**** The other qualities we identified were non alcoholic (to my knowledge, although pretty much all of the candidates drink alcohol socially, none of them are alcoholics to the point where it could impact their ability to rule) and consistent and trustworthy, hates corruption, and morally discerning – which are subjective and closely tied to the person’s fear of God and unwavering commitment to their oath of allegiance to the Constitution. As such, it is extremely important that we place a lot of emphasis on electing candidates who not only say they know and fear God, but who we actually trust to do so in keeping their oath of office. George Washington was keenly aware of this when he said, “Let it simply be asked where is the security for prosperity, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation desert the OATHS, which are the instruments of investigation in the Courts of Justice?”


Please share your thoughts with us!

In Christ – Samuel and Lydia


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